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Glazed panes made of plastic

Glazed panes are made of various plastic sheets: SAN sheets (polystyrene), PMMA sheets (acrylics) or PC sheets (polycarbonate). Each plastic has different properties. Single plastic sheets used for the production of double, triple and quadruple panes are of various thickness (e.g. SAN 2,0 mm or 2,3 mm, PMMA 3,0 mm and other). Single sheets can be combined in various combinations for example: a double pane can consist of SAN standard sheet + SAN Hard sheet. Or it can be made of SAN standard + PMMA Grey or PMMA standard + PMMA Satin, etc.

Please, see the information below. When ordering glazed panes, please specify the exact total thickness of your glazed pane and the type of plastic sheets.

Double panes   Triple panes   Quadruple panes
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